Naturally beautiful hair

Who of us does not dream of having beautiful, shiny hair? Unfortunately, chemical shampoos are too dry to dye it, dying, straightening and drying makes instead of enjoying the lush hair our hair resembles hay.

There are several ways to strengthen hair. Nutrition, oils and dietary supplements are helpful. It is also useful for hair care use herbal extracts.

Burdock root – helps fight dandruff;

Catnip leaves – stimulates hair growth and soothes irritations Hairy skin;

Chamomile flower – perfectly softens the hair, brightening it also;

Garlic and onion – stimulate hair growth and help fight dandruff, although strong odor discourages them from using;

Herbs of the cuddly cuddle – works toning, cleansing, helps fight dandruff;

Young horsetail shoots – strengthen hair; Marigold flowers – brighten hair;

Leaf nasturtium – stimulates hair growth;

Leaf of parsley – strengthens hair color and gives it a shine;

The leaves and blooming tops of rosemary – the most versatile Raw material with toning action strengthening, gives hair Shine, strengthen it and slightly darken the hair;

Rooting Root – gives a perfect yellow hair dye;

Sage leaves – they work toning and strengthening, they darken the hair;

Roots and roots of soap – purify hair;

Foliage of the god of the tree – stimulate the growth of hair and Prevent dandruff;

Nettle leaves – prevent dandruff, toning and strengthening.


I list some herbs from this list and would like to share with you my comments on them.

To top Nettle

This herb is good for anything, you can drink it, prepare it infusions, relievers, etc. I was washing hair with nettle hair. The effects are most positive. The hair was smoother and shinier. 


My absolute hit for the hair is burdock oil. It is worth to do it and use it. It has a really good effect on the scalp and hair.


I used to rinse my hair after washing. The hair was shiny and very soft. Definitely a recommendable herb.

This summer will definitely try more herbs out of the list. I also encourage you to experiment.

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