Hello, I’m Vanessa!

Herbs are the most effective remedy for centuries, as a panacea for almost all the afflicted humanities of disease and ailments. I have been practicing herbalism for 12 years, but depending on the situation and the person in need I also use other effective and proven methods of therapy.

Unconventional medicine fascinated me for a long time. In the secrets of acquiring the drying mix preparation as well as making various potions, my Grandma gave me. She also gave me before her departure, old herbariums and books, and many prescriptions written by handwritten. In search of my own, I have met and I still know many new healing methods, but ultimately I chose herbs because they are the most wonderful and versatile of all, the gift of nature, and the fact that they have accompanied mankind from the dawn of time and from time immemorial. They used to heal various diseases and ailments. I use dozens of herbal mixtures, which I prepare myself.